Hold a Birthday Party Without Planning Too Much

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When you’re too busy with work and suddenly your kid pops you this question “What are we going to do for my birthday party this weekend?” You forgot it’s your kids’ birthday and you haven’t even planned anything yet and you only have a week! Are you pressured? Do you feel like a bad parent? Don’t be! All parents have gone through that, we work so hard for our kids’ future we forget about some of the important events happening around us.

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Here are a few quick tips you can do for a last min birthday celebration:

Instead of a Program, treat is as a Play Date

They are kids, they wouldn’t listen to what half of the hosts are saying anyway. So just go crazy with one whole theme and stick with it. Here are a few examples:

Water balloon party

  • Preparation time: 1-2 hours
  • Just needs a lot of balloons and water
  • Let kids go crazy throwing balloons at each other, make sure you explain the rules of the game to prevent a scenario where a kid will cry, we all do not want that

Lego Block Party

  • Preparation time: Depending on where you’ll need to buy lots of Legos
  • Just needs tons of Legos
  • Let the birthday boy decide on what they should make and encourage them to build it together like for example a castle, then tell them that the parents would be the one to judge. The winner will get a special surprise which is the giveaway bag and everyone’s a winner

Bounce House Party

  • Preparation time: Depending on where you can get Bounce House Rentals
  • Just needs some plastic balls or balloons to act as Ball/Balloon Pit
  • Let them bounce around until they get tired of bouncing and laughing and also, have water ready in case one of them gets dehydrated

With these examples I’m sure you can come up with one of your own.

If you have the budget go out

This may be a weird suggestion but instead of having the entire class at your place tell your kid to invite his closest friends about 2-5 of them to a field trip. Make up an itinerary where your kid would love to go to. Here’s a good example of an itinerary:

8:00 AM – Pick up Jr and his friends

8:30 AM – Breakfast at Jr’s favorite restaurant

9:30 AM – Go to the zoo and visit the hippos he loves so much

11:00 AM – Zoo park Picnic

12:00 NN – Buy Souvenirs for everyone

01:00 PM – Take them to the laser tag arena

02:00 PM – Walk around the mall to relax

03:00 PM – Take them to a restaurant where the cake is prepared to sing happy birthday

05:00 PM – Go home

06:00 PM – Kids get picked up by their parents

07:00 PM – Give gift to Jr.

Keeping it simple and not throwing a party creates bonding that your kid will definitely appreciate when he grows up.

With these ideas in mind, keep your cool! You got this! You’re an awesome parent!

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