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Keeping a pet at home could be very nice and have a great feeling of excitement especially for younger kids. They would tend to let the dogs or cats roam around the house and feel comfortable like humans to take a walk or run over while playing with their owners. But sometimes having them at home or inside your house could be a bit alarming especially if they are a bit of aggressive and they want to do things excitedly or they are feeling that something is not right.

Perth garage doors and different types of doors could be severely damaged by scratching too much of the dogs and other pets we have at home. Of course, you can’t hit your animals as they have feelings, too and you don’t want them to feel bad about it. You can check out some ideas to keep your door being protected against to those scratches made by your animals or pets at home.

1. Most of our doors are made from wood and we all know that they can be easily bitten and scratched by animals and even by humans, too. If it is fine with you to install a metal screen to your door, then that would be a great option to have. Metal screens would not be easily damaged and destroyed by being scratched by a dog.

2. Some of the reasons why dogs are scratching the door are because they want to go out of the room. So, they thought that continuously scratching it would help them to get out or open the door. In order to avoid this kind of chance. You can install a dog door. All you need to do is to contact someone who can cut a portion in the bottom of the main door.

3. If you don’t know how to do it or you can’t find someone to make it for you. Then, all you have to do is to get a nail cutter for dogs. You can trim their nails in order to avoid sharp and pointed nails. Make sure that you know how to do this one as you don’t want to hurt the hands and fingers of your dogs or cats. If you are uncertain about the right way of trimming the nails. You can go to the vet as they have grooming services which can definitely help you with this problem.

4. To keep away the attention of the dogs to your doors. You need to give them something that will make them and keep them busy. You can buy them some toys that they can play with.

5. If those things don’t work. Then, you have to come up with the idea of blocking the way to the door.

6. You may also to consider hiring a pet trainer that will educate them about this matter. It would be a bit expensive but the result after the training would be awesome. They can learn many tricks as well.

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